Russian 1.5ton cargo truck - SALE

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Russian 1.5ton cargo truck - SALE

Product Code TAM32577
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Product Code TAM32577
Manufacturer Tamiya, Japan

Representative of the Soviet army which is indispensable to model 1/48 Tamiya's first scene of the [1.5-ton truck]

- 1.5-ton truck that was at the heart of the Soviet army transportation corps during World War II. Its 1941 model
I will join the 1/48MM series. Cloth front fender of the planar configuration, the door has been removed
Such as headlights cabin provided with a curtain, the right side is omitted, the figure units are simplified
Modeled feeling rich. I've set five body dolls such as soldier sitting on carrier and driver.

- Total length 107mm.
- Ease of assembly with reduced parts count is attractive.
- Set a wealth of accessories, such as equipment and small arms.
- Vehicle and Soviet tanks, doll set, I also can be combined with the aircraft further aligned in series

TIGER I initial prod. (Africa)