METALLIC PIGMENT SET(F610, F611, F612, F613)

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METALLIC PIGMENT SET(F610, F611, F612, F613)

Product Code F614
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CAD 25.00


Product Code F614
Manufacturer MIG Productions

 An extensive collection of high quality metallic pigments. Our set contains four colours for making amazing metallic effects on your models. Now you can create your own colours by blending these pigments with other metallic coloured acrylics, enamels or lacquers. You can also mix them with wax, turpentine, oil and acrylic mediums, gel, water or Mig Fixer to obtain different effects. You can also use metallic pigments directly with a small brush to create authentic metallic reflections on your spacecraft, robots, motors or any other kind of machinery. Take advantage now and buy your set of four colours at a lower price then the combined price of what these four colours would cost separately.

Panzergrenadiers 1944-45 (2fig.)


CAD 11.00

Allied-Axis Issue #23


CAD 12.00