Metal Power Copper

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Metal Power Copper

Product Code ABT210
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Product Code ABT210
Manufacturer 502 Abteilung by MIG Productions

 Once again, MIG Productions takes your modelling to a place where no other brand took you before.

The new 502 Abteilung Metal Power oil colors from MIG productions are the result of a long and well planned research and development. Only with your most demanding wishes in our mind. No matters if it is AFV, airplane ,a medieval body armour, a metal structure, a sci-fi model or the tracks from a tank. If it's metal, it's a job for MIG Productions Metal Power oil colors. The new Metal Power oil colors can be thinned and mixed with all other products from our catalogue and achieve the finest results.

Remember, if it's metal, it's Metal Power!

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Soviet Soldiers WWII - Red Army