Klockner-Humboldt-deutz A330 (MAGIRUS) - BY SPECIAL ORDER ONLY

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Klockner-Humboldt-deutz A330 (MAGIRUS) - BY SPECIAL ORDER ONLY

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Product Code HLS48009
Manufacturer Hauler, Czech Republic
Magirus was already building military trucks during WWI. In year 1935 the firm was absourbed into the Klöckner Humbold Deutz undertaking. Magirus continued production of trucks with engines Klöckner Humbold Deutz. Typ A330/S330 was born as three ton truck with modern construction. Letters ?A? and ?S? in type number means two axle drive or rear axle drive version. This truck was offered to Whermacht, but first place got Opel Blitz. Nevertheless 16.000 pieces of all version of Magirus 330 were made during second world war. Produced versions were wireless, field workshops, buses, fire vehicles etc. Well known is also Maultier version produced in number over 1000 pcs.

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