German Motorcycle and side car

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German Motorcycle and side car

Product Code TAM32578
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Product Code TAM32578
Manufacturer Tamiya, Japan

The versatile motorcycle and sidecar fulfilled a number of roles for the German military during WWII, and now makes an appearance in 1/48 scale! ★The sturdy frame and distinctive flat engine are accurately recreated with hassle-free assembly. ★Features a choice of air cleaner parts to depict standard or North African theater vehicles. ★Includes driver and passenger figures (2 total), plus 3 marking options. ★A wide range of small firearms and accessories are recreated by parts in the kit.

 Add some more detail to your 1/48 scale dioramas with this scale model of a German motorcycle and side car. Side cars were paired with motorcycles by German forces in many areas of the WWII conflict, and their excellent off-road ability combined with the bike’s engine power made them a useful asset in transporting soldiers and equipment, some even being mounted with machine guns.

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