German Grey Pigment Set

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German Grey Pigment Set

Product Code P262
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Product Code P262
Manufacturer MIG Productions

German Grey Pigment Set

Includes 8 pigment colors:

P026 Concrete + P034 Russian Earth + P035 Panzer Grey + P045 Faded Corsair Blue + P047 Dark Granite + P232 Dry Mud + P237 Factory Grey + P414 Track Brown      

Pigments are one of the most important steps in the weathering of a model. With that in mind MIG Productions decided to release two new sets of 8 pigment colors each.

Those new set are intended for the German Grey and German Yellow in World War II and will allow the beginners, as also the most advanced modellers to take the best from their models painted in German Grey and German Yellow.

This set combine 8 colors and will allow the best color variations over the models. Also, all the colors can be combined and achieve endless colors. Just try it!

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