German Earth Dark

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German Earth Dark

Product Code P060
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Product Code P060
Manufacturer MIG Productions

This is just another super great new color from MIG Productions. German Earth Dark is another stunning new brown pigment to our ever growing pigment range.

German Earth Dark is the color to use every time you need that extra touch of accuracy and realism in your models. It can be a tank, a figure, a diorama, a boat, a rally car… it does not matter, this is the color for you.

Apply it over road wheels, tank tracks, rally car wheels… and all your models will be real show stoppers.

Like all our pigments, this new color can be applied combined with all our other products in order to achieve a huge range of finishes.

Pigments can fix in place with the help of MIG Productions Pigment Fixer and Thinner for Washes. All we have to do is apply, by brush, several drops over the pigments and let to dry untouchable. During this process the models or dioramas will turn very dark and it seems that the pigments disappear, but once the fixer and thinner evaporates the pigments will appear again and they will look very natural and realistic.

Apply it simple or combined with all our other great products.

BA-64B Russian Armored Car



SU-152 engine (Bronco)