Faded Green

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Faded Green

Product Code P048
Our Price:

CAD 7.00


Product Code P048
Manufacturer MIG Productions

We increase our green pigments range. “Faded Green” can be used in a wide variety of vehicles, planes or ships. It’s a great color to achieve color variations on green vehicles like the ones used by Soviet Union, UK, US and many other armies.

When diluted, it can also be used as rain marks over vertical surfaces, water or humidity concentrations and border lakes or rivers. Combined with MIG Productions Acrylic Resin it forms a past that can be used to represent moss on dioramas.

Anti-tank Barrier


CAD 8.50

German Kubelwagen Type 82


CAD 17.00

US Main Battle Tank M1A2 Abrams


CAD 36.00