BA-6 Soviet armored vehicle

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BA-6 Soviet armored vehicle

Product Code UM-502
Our Price:

CAD 20.00


Product Code UM-502
Manufacturer Unimodel, Ukraine

 Length of the model, mm: 102

The BA-3 was a heavy armored car developed in the Soviet Union in 1933, followed by a slightly changed model BA-6 in 1936. Both were based mostly on BA-I, the most important development being the new turret, same as in the T-26 m 1933 and BT-5 tanks, and also equipped with the 45 mm main gun.

Set include:

  • 167 plastic parts
  • decal
  • photoetching
  • 12 rubber tires
  • scheme to color models
  • detailed instruction in Russian, Ukrainian and English

Glue, paint not include

Model is recommended for experienced modelers.

The model should be painted with special paints for plastic models: water-soluble paint or enamel paint

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